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"I have utilised Paul's services for approximately three years - it helps to ease any stress and tension in the workplace and therefore increases my energy, productivity and creativity."
Lynne Swanston, Air New Zealand Technical Services

"I decided to introduce massage therapy on a regular basis to help assist my CAD team during an exceptionally busy period. The feedback from my staff was very positive and the therapy made a valuable contribution to their overall wellbeing, particularly to OOS issues and stress-related tension."
Rob de Roo, Design Team Manager, Air New Zealand

"On-site massage is now a benefit we offer our call centre staff. I provide the time allowance and staff pay for the massage. It sends a clear message to our employees that we want to be proactive about health and wellbeing in the workplace."
David Dally, Call Centre & Customer Services Manager, Christchurch City Council

"ECAN offers on site massage therapy for employees on a regular basis. It was a service initiated in response to staff demand and recognised by our OSH facilitator as a useful tool in reducing stress and work-related muscle pain. As the co-ordinator and a keen participant of the service, I have always found Paul to be professional, friendly and, above all, professional in the service he offers."
Davina McNickel, Environment Canterbury

"Numbness in my hands and fingers had been causing me trouble at work when I started my treatments with Paul. He rapidly released the accumulated tensions in my arms and helped me to discover how the problem had occurred. A combination of advice on managing my lifestyle and detailed instructions on exercises and self massage techniques led to a vast improvement in my condition. Paul impressed me not only with his technical knowledge and skill but with his friendly and professional manner."
Lynette Wills, Christchurch City Council

"A sports injury to my arm and shoulder left me with persistent pain and discomfort. My treatment programme with Paul included an effective self massage programme which began to dissolve the pain. I now have the knowledge to self-manage those aches and pains should they occur in the future. I'm delighted to be back on the squash court once again!"
Julie Adams, Independant Fisheries

“My right hand fingers had been tingling and numb for several months with my doctor unable to diagnose the problem.  After several sessions with Paul the feeling was restored to my fingers and eight months on the problem has not arisen again”. 
Tracey Loudon, Telephone Account Manager, School Supplies

"Paul is very professional and targets all the areas that seem to ache and seize up when sitting at a desk all day. It is very convenient with Paul coming to our workplace and I always look forward to the visits. I only wish they were a little longer!"
Kelly T, Collections Officer. RML Group.